Gwalior district is in the center of the surrounded area, and is mostly flat. Although its southern part is surrounded by hills, above sea level is only a few hundred feet height. Gwalior is located at 26.22 N 78.18E
It is at an average elevation of 197 meters (646 feet).

Climate of Gwalior lives on extremes in both summer and winter. Summer usually gets very hot and in Gwalior the winter is very cold. Generally rain in Gwalior is only in the months of monsoon. Mainly the north-western winds move, the speed of air in the city of Gwalior is usually 8 km per hour in summer, 2 km per hour in winter time. October to March is the best month for arrival in Gwalior city.

During the summer months, the climate of Gwalior is dominated by the heat and the level of humidity also increases. From April to June of the month of April, Gwalior gets 45 to 47 degree centigrade temperature. The climate of Gwalior is particularly humid in the year. Gwalior has 300 average temperatures in summer.
In the winter season, the temperature of Gwalior goes upto 2 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, the average minimum temperature is 18.500 centigrade in Gwalior.
Due to the geography of India, Gwalior city falls in the shadow of rain. Consequently, there is only 700 mm average rainfall per year, which is almost half the average of other cities in the state. Here the monsoon starts from mid-June and usually continues till mid-September.